Zero Maintenance, Reliable Wayside Power

Qnergy PowerGen provides reliable power for critical wayside requirements Rail Applications Prime Power (Remote Off-Grid) Suitable as a prime power generator for remote off-grid locations where a standard utility power connection is unavailable and/or too costly. The PowerGen is capable of cycle charging or running continuously. Backup Power Can be used as a backup power […]

Qnergy Launches PG1201 to fill the Mid-Range Market void in Oil and Gas Remote Power

While demand for mid-range power increases, major Oil and Gas companies were left underserved. Especially in the 500W-2,000W remote power segment. Qnergy, the world’s leading clean technology manufacturer of Stirling energy systems, announces the PG1201 Generator package, designed to provide prime power between 500W to 2,000W, with the industry’s lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). […]

Introducing PG 1201!

Today at the ARPA-E Summit in Denver, Qnergy rolled out PG 1201. A low-maintenance smaller footprint Power Generator for the 1.2kW range. We have tested the system for six months and will start beta testing this month – stay tuned. One of the applications is reducing methane emission through bleeding pneumatic devices by using electric […]

Compressed Air Pneumatics Demonstrated in Calgary

At the Petroleum show in Calgary, our Canadian distributor OilPro demonstrated CAP3. CAP3 (Compressed Air Pneumatics) replaces methane emission from pneumatic devices with compressed air. The annual U.S. emission reduction potential of CAP3 is about 40 million tons of CO2- equivalent (equivalent to taking 9.5 million cars off the road). Wholehearted thank you for everyone […]

Welcome To the Dungeon!

The Qnergy Applications Engineering Team has created a state-of-the-art test lab that allows the validation of any electronic piece of equipment the scientific mind can think of. This lab is affectionately referred to as “The Dungeon”. In The Dungeon, the Qnergy Team has validated the operation of its PowerGen Stirling engine remote power system on some of […]

A Stirling Engine celebrates 20,000 hours of uninterrupted operation on Earth Day

  A Qnergy Stirling-Based Power Generator reached 20,000 hours (more than two continuous years) of uninterrupted, maintenance-free operation. About five times longer than conventional generators. The generator is installed in the IJ & Jeanné Wagner Jewish Community Center in Salt Lake City, Utah (JCC). It uses Qnergy’s proprietary Free-Piston Stirling technology. The same fundamental technology […]

Download the Remote Power White-Paper

The story of a novel remote power solution that helps companies improve efficiency, decrease cost and reduce emissions. How a unique combination of  19th Century technology With 21st century Power Electronics provides cost-effective remote power.   Click here to read the White Paper  

Reliable Remote Power and Corrosion Control

Isaac Garaway (Qnergy’s CTO) pictured two Qnergy units thirty feet apart at the largest Corrosion trade show. It demonstrates the growing importance of reliable remote power to this industry. The U.S. has about 350,000 miles of natural gas pipelines. About half are more than fifty years old. Many of the pipes are corroded and leak […]

Qnergy PowerGen Trial Gen4 Application

Shell Canada demonstrates Qnergy’s double bottom line! PowerGen outperforms the sector on both economic and climate benefits.   Qnergy trial was installed at a Shell wellpad site in Groundbirch, British Columbia in January 2019.  The Shell Engineering Group that conducted the testing receives the Low Carbon Award for installing a PowerGen!   Among Shell’s findings: The […]