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Qnergy PowerGen Trial Gen4 Application

Shell Canada demonstrates Qnergy’s double bottom line!

PowerGen outperforms the sector on both economic and climate benefits.


Qnergy trial was installed at a Shell wellpad site in Groundbirch, British Columbia in January 2019.  The Shell Engineering Group that conducted the testing receives the Low Carbon Award for installing a PowerGen!


Among Shell’s findings:

  • The PowerGen unit operated perfectly, supplying 1000W of mission-critical power and 150 meters of a hot glycol heat trace.
  • Qnergy’s Stirling engine provided an impressive 30% thermal-to-electric efficiency while maintaining a 0 VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions.
  • Qnergy SmartView IoT system allows Shell to track operation and performance 24×7 from any location. It fits into the digitization transformation.
  • The trial has shown that the PowerGen reduces GHG emissions, relative to Thermo Electric Generators and Fuel Cells, while offering a significantly lower Total Installed Cost.
  • The PowerGen has operated successfully at ambient temperatures down to -40°C throughout this trial.

Qnergy is grateful for the opportunity and remains committed to continue to supply reliable power to help our customers mitigate emissions and streamline their operations.


Qnergy March 2019 Blog (Shell)