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Our Vision

Qnergy’s vision is to solve the distributed methane challenge by providing proven and reliable technology.

Qnergy Zero Methane Slip White Paper (2023)

New environmental performance data demonstrate that Qnergy’s PowerGen system is the first generator to enable 100% methane destruction. The unique Free Piston Stirling Engine (FPSE) demonstrates superior environmental performance, exceeding Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines by orders of magnitude, according to independent third-party testing.

Qnergy Methane Rule Comments Letter

Qnergy responds to the EPA’s call for commentary on its Supplemental Proposal to Reduce Methane and Other Harmful Pollution from Oil and Natural Gas Operations

Compressed Air Pneumatics for Methane Mitigation–SPE (2022)

Qnergy’s Compressed Air Pneumatics (CAP) solution has rapidly emerged as the preferred solution for solving the pneumatic controller enabled methane venting on wellpads responsible for millions of annual tons of methane release. See how Qnergy provides this solution in a technical paper invited by the prestigious Society of Petroleum Engineers.

Qnergy Distributed Methane Whitepaper (2022)

The world is not linear. Much of the world’s emitted methane comes from millions of sites of small sites traditionally viewed as too small to collect, but collectively, too large to ignore. Qnergy discusses the distributed methane challenge and what needs to be done to effectively address and abate.

Qnergy Letter to EPA Methane Rule Comment Letter (2022)

In 2021 the EPA invited expert remarks from the industry regarding updating of its QuadO Rules governing performance standards for methane emission from new and existing sources. Here, Qnergy argues for zero emissions performance standards to be applied to all existing production sources and details the path to achievement.

Qnergy LNG (2022)

Qnergy discusses with LNG Industry Magazine its innovative and disruptive free piston Stirling engine generator, its ability to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and its impact on the energy industry.

Qnergy CAaaS Whitepaper (2020)

Qnergy’s ability to deliver reliable utility-like power to remote sites enables utility-like business model offerings based on pay as you go consumption of services powered by Qnergy. Here Qnergy discusses one possibility, Compressed Air as a Service for wellpad owner/operators.

Stirling Automation Whitepaper (2019)

19th century invention meets 21st century manufacturing to create Qnergy’s free piston Stirling engine capable of delivering utility grade electricity anywhere gas (natural, landfill, bio) is found. Use cases for remote power generation, including cathodic protection of the 2M+ miles of natural gas pipeline in North America, are discussed.

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