Methane Abatement

Qnergy is dedicated to solving the distributed methane challenge. We harness low-grade, otherwise polluting, methane into useful power. We have already deployed thousands of units, leading to emission reduction of millions of tonnes of CO2e.

The Distributed Methane Challenge

Methane is broadly recognized as a potent greenhouse gas emitted by a large number of sources across oil and gas, agriculture, and waste industries. While most companies focus on monitoring, the key is to abate emissions at the source.

Significant progress has been made in abating the largest sources of created methane, i.e., Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) facilities, landfill gas to electricity installations, and flares. These methane abatement solutions, however, solve only 25% of the problem as they are focused on large, centralized sources of methane, i.e., the largest dairy farms, landfills, and wastewater treatment facilities.

Today there are no universal methane abatement solutions that effectively address the remaining 75% of small and distributed methane sources, i.e., the individual well pads, small, closed landfills, small town wastewater treatment plants, and small dairy farms.

The aggregated methane emissions from these sources, deemed by conventional thinking as too small to collect, but factually and collectively too large to ignore, dwarf the emissions by sources addressed by centralized solutions.

Qnergy’s Methane Abatement Solution

Qnergy provides clean, reliable solutions to the distributed methane challenge.

We offer a transformative approach leveraging cost-effective solutions to address the vast number of small methane emitters. As a leader in the oil and gas industry, we supply proven methane abatement solutions for asset operations, thereby enabling EPA regulation compliance.

The vision to eliminate methane emissions from distributed sources is being put into action within the landfill gas management space. Qnergy offers landfill owners and operators a business model where the installations turn landfills from a financial and environmental liability into a financial asset with no emissions.

The next frontier is to address methane emissions generated at livestock farms. This initiative includes turning the financial and environmental liability of livestock manure into profitable energy.

Enabled by a cutting-edge Stirling Engine technology, Qnergy remains the only company with a commercial Stirling generator. Our team masters the Free Piston Stirling Engine as the winning distributed Methane platform.

Mitigation at the source

The ability to productively harvest and utilize energy as close to the point of methane generation as possible achieves five key objectives:


It significantly
reduces or eliminates
methane emissions


It creates an
important new
source of energy
available anywhere


It fuels new business
models and creates
new revenue


It allows customers to operate and comply with regulations


It moves us closer
to a circular

Qnergy transforms waste methane into clean, reliable electricity

Qnergy is a key part of solving the methane challenge, helping convert a problem into a benefit for our customers and for the communities they serve.

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