Free Piston
Stirling Engines

Proven technology powered by the most reliable heat engine ever with no moving parts

Proven technology you can rely on

If it was easy, anyone could do it. But providing reliable, low-maintenance power solutions that work with untreated, distributed methane in the harshest environments and most mission critical applications is anything but easy. Which is why so many of the leading energy and natural gas companies in the world rely on Qnergy to meet their needs.

Unrivaled reliability

Customer requirements are clear: deliver long-term uninterrupted operation with no maintenance, lubrication or repair, and products that work reliably with a wide range of heat sources. The solution is clear as well: Qnergy has fielded systems that have exceeded 40,000 hours of operation without maintenance. They’re engineered to go even longer - as much as 80,000 hours - without repair.

Innovative Free Piston Stirling Engine

Qnergy PowerGen systems feature our proprietary Free Piston Stirling Engines (FPSE). Enclosed, closed-cycle, frictionless external combustion systems, they require no lubrication, oil-change or repair. They are also fuel agnostic, supplying power from any mix of natural gas, propane and biogas.

Engineered to meet NASA’s standards

NASA tested the technology in our FPS engines, finding it achieved about 14 years of maintenance-free operation1.

High performance.
Highly efficient

Qnergy is the only company that offers an FPS engine-based power generator producing more than one kilowatt per unit.

Free Piston Stirling Engine

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