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Zero Maintenance, Reliable Wayside Power

Qnergy PowerGen provides reliable power for critical wayside requirements

Rail Applications

Prime Power (Remote Off-Grid)

Suitable as a prime power generator for remote off-grid locations where a
standard utility power connection is unavailable and/or too costly. The
PowerGen is capable of cycle charging or running continuously.

Backup Power

Can be used as a backup power system for locations with AC utility power
connection. A transfer switch can signal the PowerGen to start and provide
power during an AC power outage. Unlike some other power generation
technologies (ex: fuel cells), the PowerGen has no start/stop cycle limitations.

Hybrid Power

Well suited to provide supplemental power to new or existing solar & wind
systems. During periods of insufficient solar or wind production (ex: storms,
winter months), the PowerGen can be signaled to start and provide charging
power. Fueling requirements can be reduced as the PowerGen is only called
upon periodically.


PowerGen Advantages

Variety of Fuel Sources

Can operate seamlessly with a variety of fuel supplies including propane,
natural gas, ethane, bio-gas, as well as multiple associated gas streams at
differing caloric values.

Zero Maintenance

The PowerGen has few moving parts and no direct contact points that cause
wear and lubrication (no oil changes).

Multiple Output Configurations

By means of its flexible and modular design, the PowerGen can be tailored to
provide a broad range of power output architectures (standard 120/240 VAC,
24/48VDC optional via PIP Interface) to meet the electrical requirements of
each specific site load.

Long & Simple Operating Life

The PowerGen uses advanced combustion capabilities to quietly and efficiently transform fuel into steady, dependable power from 1.2kW to 5.6kW. Unlike
other technologies (ex: fuel cells, generators) there is no reduction in life for
multiple start-stops or continuous operation. Design life for the PowerGen is
conservatively estimated at 80,000 hours.