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Qnergy Extends Engine Warranty on Compressed Air Systems to Three Years: No Questions Asked

Qnergy outperforms conventional gas generators on reliability, cost of ownership and ESG metrics. The extended warranty is an additional step in streamlining the deployment of the world’s most reliable generator.


Ogden, Utah, July 20th 2020 Qnergy Inc. (www.qnergy.com), the leading manufacturer of clean and reliable remote power in the 500 Watt to 10,000 Watt range, announced a three-year warranty program. The program applies to the compressed air pneumatics products.

Qnergy’s Stirling generators are enclosed systems that require no lubrication, maintenance, or repair, delivering tens of thousands of hours of uninterrupted operation. One of the many advantages of Qnergy’s Stirling-based generator is its reliability and the very low maintenance requirements. According to a NASA press release[1], the design is “the most reliable heat engine ever invented”.  Compared to an internal combustion engine the Stirling engine is sealed from the combustion gases and requires no oil changes, filter changes or field overhauls.

Qnergy is the only company that has a Stirling-based, stand-alone power generator. Thanks to the technology’s unparalleled reliability, oil and gas companies already rely on the system to meet their remote power needs. The PowerGen has proven itself to be more cost effective than alternatives. Thanks to near-zero maintenance costs Qnergy has experienced significant growth in 2018 and 2019.

Qnergy’s newest program is Compressed Air Pneumatics (CAP3). The application couples Qnergy’s remote power generators with air compressors, offering a low emission alternative to gas pneumatic devices currently used in the upstream and midstream oil and gas markets. CAP3 delivers over 10scfm of dry air for a zero vent, multi-well pad without any low-bleed pneumatic device conversions.

“The reliability of Qnergy’s Stirling engine outperforms all competition in remote power. Especially the internal combustion engine” said Ory Zik, Chief Executive Officer of Qnergy. “The three-year engine warranty is another step in our path to provide peace of mind to our customers”, he added.

In the last two years Qnergy has installed hundreds of remote power systems throughout North America. The demand for Qnergy’s power generators remains high even during the current market slowdown. This is primarily due to its high reliability and low maintenance requirements, while operating in challenging conditions where other technologies have failed.

“The Qnergy PowerGen is the most reliable Engine/Genset that I’ve ever had the pleasure of using in the field”, said Randy Kuhn, N.E. Operations Manager at Energy Water Solutions, who has been running the system for more than two years non-stop.

[1] Stirling-convertor-sets-14-year-continuous-operation-milestone (April 20, 2020) LINK