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Qnergy Announces PowerGen EXP: Bringing the Reliability of the Stirling Engine to Hazardous Environments

PowerGen EXP brings Qnergy’s unparalleled remote power reliability to onshore and offshore applications that require hazardous operating certifications. 

The leading manufacturer of clean and reliable remote power based on the Stirling engine, Qnergy announced the release of PowerGen EXP, the first Stirling engine capable of working in hazardous locations that require ATEX and IECEX certifications. 

Supplied in a standard intermodal container, the system is optimized for both shipping onshore and offshore. While the PowerGen is designed for prime power, it can be hybridized with solar panels and batteries. The PowerGen’s ability to operate independently means reliable power is provided regardless of the weather or season, all with a smaller footprint than comparable solar arrays and other technologies.  

The PowerGen EXP system utilizes the same high reliability, free piston Stirling engine that has a life expectancy of more than 80,000 hours. This is with no oil changes; maintenance shutdowns or field rebuilds. At 100 times lower than EPA, CO and NOx limits, the low emission PowerGen EXP operates in wide ambient temperature ranges, from -40oC to +40oC.  The use of load-following electronics allows the system to reduce fuel consumption, thus lowering operating costs.  Another highlight of the PowerGen EXP is its utilization of Qnergy’s  web-based remote monitoring system, SmartView. All operational parameters can be monitored remotely on your smartphone, desktop and digital control system.   

Qnergy is the only company that has a Stirling-based, stand-alone power generator. Thanks to the technology’s unparalleled reliability, oil and gas companies already rely on the system to meet their remote power needs. The PowerGen has proven itself to be more cost effective than alternatives.  

“We are thrilled to launch our PowerGen in an explosion proof system” said Ory Zik, Chief Executive Officer of Qnergy. “This product has been developed per the high demand from customers in the U.S. and overseas “, he added. 

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