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Seminar: Eliminating methane emissions from pneumatic devices with Stirling driven compressed air

In this seminar: Qnergy’s Compressed Air Pneumatics (CAP) is an innovative technology that replaces the methane emissions of pneumatic devices with clean, dry, compressed air. By employing highly reliable free-piston Stirling engine technology the end-user utilizes a small fraction of the normally vented methane to efficiently generate continuous and reliable electric power and clean, dry, compressed instrument air. CAP systems conserve valuable instrument gas and entirely eliminate methane venting at the well pad. They also eliminate the “wet-gas” issues associated with low-bleed pneumatic device contamination. In addition to compressed air for well pad automation, CAP technology is able to further provide additional utility grade electric power for additional well pad loads. Other advantages of the Stirling based system is the ability to commission the instrument air system on a variety of tanked fuels like propane and readily switch over to instrument gas once wells are operational, without incurring the high levels of Methane emission typical during startup.  Data from actual deployed CAP system will be reviewed showing how a single CAP solution can annually mitigate over 500,000 standard cubic feet of Methane, which is equivalent to the removal of over 1,000 tCO2E on an annual basis. Operational impacts of using this technology will also be discussed including leak diagnostics and operational health of the pneumatic devices. When sized correctly this technology can driving down the cost of methane abatement below $2/tCO2e.


Video courtesy of the Methane Emissions Technology Alliance