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According to a new report, half of the methane leaks from U.S. oil and gas production are associated with gas pneumatics

Thunder Said Energy published a comprehensive report last week that details the large magnitude of gas pneumatics needing to be replaced as part of a zero methane emissions oil and gas industry. Qnergy is pleased to offer its proven solution via corporate-wide gas pneumatics conversion programs.

Thunder Said Energy’s analysis shows that across U.S. onshore oil and gas upstream operations, approximately 50% of methane emissions may be attributed to bleeding gas pneumatic devices. Their conclusion derives from data across 200 oil and gas producers in 12 of the U.S. basins. Pneumatic devices, essential components of upstream oil and gas operations, are powered by pressurized natural gas and are widely used in the industry for process control and chemical injection, especially in off-grid production areas. These devices vent methane directly into the environment threatening the clean fuel advantages of natural gas.

Each pneumatic device is responsible for emitting an average 1 ton of methane per year. In some of the most productive U.S. basins, oil and gas producers may have an average of 2-3 pneumatic devices per well, lending to a considerable amount of per well methane emissions. Given the high level of emissions from these devices and the industry desire to accelerate mitigation of methane emissions, deploying a readily available and reliable solution is of paramount importance.

Qnergy is already an industry-leading solution provider to the oil and gas industry with more than 2,000 installations across the Americas providing remote power and methane mitigation solutions. Qnergy’s low-maintenance, patent-pending Compressed Air Pneumatics (CAP) solution efficiently replaces normally vented methane with clean, dry instrument air with no changes to well site piping architecture. Any well pad can now eliminate all pneumatic methane emissions either with grid connected CAP or in combination with Qnergy’s zero methane slip PowerGen at off-grid sites.

Driven by the quest for limiting methane emissions and impending regulations, major U.S. Operators have come to trust Qnergy’s systems to help eliminate their methane emissions. To date, over 10,000 tons of methane have been eliminated from upstream operations since product launch in 2019. In its pursuit to Net Zero by 2050, TotalEnergies has removed more than 98% of methane emissions from its U.S. operations with Qnergy CAP and PowerGen systems.

“We are eager to partner with leaders in the oil and gas industry to help eliminate methane emissions and achieve their net-zero goals,” says Qnergy’s VP of Sales and Marketing, Dan Midea. “Qnergy’s latest CAP V Series product launch is our most efficient and compact system yet that will eliminate emissions with minimal maintenance requirements.”

For more information on Qnergy’s methane abatement technology, visit https://qnergy.com.

About Qnergy: Qnergy was founded on a compelling dual vision of converting otherwise wasted methane into useful energy and providing reliable power anywhere anytime. Our products do just that, turning waste methane into a source of clean, reliable electricity. In the process, we are helping define a new chapter in the emerging circular economy and partnering with our customers on their ESG goals and journeys to net zero.