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Achieving the Lowest Cost of Compliance with the New Methane Ruling: Qnergy’s Innovative Solutions 

With over a million process controllers venting methane now subject to the new EPA methane ruling, companies are seeking cost-effective and reliable solutions for compliance. Qnergy, a trusted leader in mitigating methane emissions, is at the forefront, deploying innovative solutions to help customers address this critical challenge at the lowest cost of compliance. 

On December 2, 2023, the Biden Administration unveiled its landmark ruling aimed at reducing emissions of methane and other air pollutants associated with oil and natural gas industry operations.  

A notable inclusion is the requirement for process controllers, specifically pneumatic devices, to meet a methane emission rate of zero. The policy dictates that new sites or those brought online since December 2022, under Subpart OOOOb, must implement zero bleed controllers within one year for new remote site operators and 60 days for new grid-connected site operators. 

States are granted a two-year window to develop and submit plans for reducing methane emissions from existing site operations. Under Subpart OOOOc, existing site operators are granted three years from the plan submission to achieve compliance.  

Qnergy’s patent-pending Compressed Air Pneumatics (CAP) product line is the proven option that enables peace of mind with more uptime at the lowest cost of compliance. The system is designed to replace methane emissions from process controllers with clean, dry, freeze-free air using redundant compressors. These CAP units can be powered by grid electricity or Qnergy’s low-maintenance free piston Stirling Engine generator, offering the lowest-cost compliance with minimal operational expenses.  

To further assist customers in navigating these new regulations, Qnergy is introducing a Corporate Program that will be rolled out in 2024. This collaborative initiative aims to create the most cost-effective solutions for seamless deployment without altering existing site architecture across entire asset bases. The Program considers factors such as air requirements, electricity access, grid strength, location, and environmental conditions to tailor solutions to specific customer needs. Flexible payment models, including equipment purchase, rental, and leasing options, are available, offering benefits such as favorable pricing, predictable supply schedules, proven operational uptime, and automated methane reporting. 

TotalEnergies, a prominent player in the energy sector, has already embraced Qnergy’s technology. In 2021, TotalEnergies began a 30-day trial of our CAP systems to reach their goal of drastically reducing methane emissions from the Barnett gas field. The company has since expanded its deployment to 400+ CAP systems eliminating 98% of methane emissions, aligning with its goal to abate 7,000+ tons of methane per year. 

While the EPA’s final ruling presents a significant challenge, Qnergy stands ready to work directly with customers, providing proven and reliable solutions for immediate and cost-effective compliance. The available technologies not only ensure adherence to regulatory requirements but also promise long-term financial gains by preserving saleable gas. As the industry faces this new regulatory landscape, Qnergy remains a key partner, offering innovative solutions to meet environmental goals while minimizing operational impact.