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Qnergy Launches Lease to Own Program for Full Suite of Products  

Qnergy’s full catalog of methane mitigation and power generation products are now available to lease. The new lease to own business model allows producers and operators in the oil and gas industry to utilize Qnergy’s industry-leading suite of solutions to support their methane mitigation programs without the initial capital investments.  

“Market volatility calls for spending flexibility,” said Ory Zik, Qnergy’s CEO. “We know producers are finding it more difficult to deploy significant CapEx investments in this uncertain regulatory environment, especially when gas prices are low. They also want the option to own the equipment, whenever they decide. It was a natural development to pioneer an initiative that gives our customers the complete flexibility to switch from OpEx to CapEx if and when they decide to do so.” 

In addition, operators with legacy wells will find this new leasing program beneficial. Those operators can deploy trusted, reliable solutions under operating budgets that result from low gas prices, and potentially convert those leased solutions to owned assets when prices recover. 

Qnergy has had a strong year of milestone announcements and the momentum generated in 2024 looks to only increase. Late last month, the company, alongside Weber County, Utah officials announced the deployment of a cutting-edge Methane Destruction System at a closed landfill. The system will eliminate more than 95% of the methane emitted. In March, the company unveiled its state-of-the-art API, allowing Qnergy Dashboard users to integrate their data securely and seamlessly into existing software tools to help with monitoring and mitigation efforts. 

For more information on Qnergy’s full product line from power generators, air pneumatics, and beyond here: https://qnergy.com/productlines/  

About Qnergy: 

Qnergy is dedicated to providing reliable methane abatement solutions across industries. Leveraging the exceptional capabilities of our linear Free Piston Stirling Engine, we harness low-grade, otherwise polluting, methane into useful power. We have already deployed thousands of units, leading to emission reduction of millions of tonnes of CO2e.