Transform your untreated methane into reliable remote power

From waste to wealth – Qnergy turns methane into low-cost electricity

Qnergy is the methane abating power solution of tomorrow, deployable today

Qnergy turns your distributed methane waste into clean, reliable, low-cost energy. We deliver highly efficient, continuous power, maximizing your performance and peace of mind.

Convert nearly any source of untreated methane into clean electricity

Qnergy converts waste gases from your well pad, manure pit, landfill or other distributed methane source into a reliable source of electricity.



Installed systems globally.
Many located in remote, harsh environments.



Deployed low maintenance
hours per generator.

Featuring our proprietary, continuous power Free Piston Stirling Engine.



150,000+ tons of CO2 abated in 2021 alone.
Equivalent to mitigating 30,000 cars off the road

Proven by leading energy companies in some of the most remote and demanding environments

Reliable electricity you can depend on. Anywhere you need it

We provide electricity solutions for your mission critical applications. And the peace of mind that comes with knowing Qnergy systems have been proven by some of the world’s most demanding customers, in some of the world’s most demanding and remote environments.

The longest maintenance intervals in the business

Qnergy systems are engineered to go for years without maintenance or even a visit from a repair technician. It’s as close to set and forget as you can get.

High performance. Low TCO

Qnergy solutions are nearly maintenance free, requiring just a simple one-hour inspection each year. They convert the waste gas you would otherwise have to treat or mitigate, into electricity. The combination results in extremely low total cost of ownership compared to conventional systems.

Powered by the most reliable heat engine ever

At the heart of Qnergy solutions is the Free Piston Stirling engine – a technology we perfected to deliver trouble free electricity in harsh environments while requiring minimal maintenance. Our engine design has even been recognized by NASA1 as history’s most reliable heat engine technology.

1: Source –

Designed for


of maintenance-free operation

Qnergy product lines



Based on the linear engine with product offerings at various power levels from 600 W up to 5650W. Compatible with unrefined natural gas; biogas from organic waste, landfills, dairy farms and industrial kitchens

Methane Emissions
Mitigation Solutions

CAP (Compressed Air Pneumatics)

Specifically engineered compressed-air solutions to replace methane emissions at gas wellsites with compressed air.

Energy Innovations

Developers Package

Working with partners to leverage our proprietary technology to address additional markets such as residential backup, telecom, EV charging, waste-heat recovery, space power, and small nuclear reactors

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