Success Story

Remote Power: Multiple ICCP Rectifier Location

The Situation

Providing adequate Impressed Current Cathodic Protection is essential for the ongoing safety and integrity of natural gas transmission pipelines. One of the larger pipelines in the western United States is a 3,900 mile line which is a primary artery for the bi-directional transmission of natural gas to the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain Region. The pipeline, due to its geographical location, runs thru some very remote regions and does not have any access to the electric utility to power it’s safety-critical Cathodic Protection sites. Providing ultra-reliable power to these sites, at an affordable price, is a challenging task.

The Solution

Qnergy’s PowerGen 5650 power solution is designed to reliably transform pipeline natural-gas into steady and continuous electrical power. The PowerGen is an extremely low maintenance generator, due to minimal required maintenance to the core engine. With multiple configurable outputs, the PowerGen 5650 at this site was programmed to output electric power at the preferred input operating voltage of 120VAC/240Vac (single-phase) for use with a standard 80V/60A rectifier.

The Result

The PowerGen 5650 was installed adjacent to the natural gas transmission pipeline and fueled directly by pipeline gas. Electrically, it was coupled to multiple ICCP rectifiers with a standard 3-conductor cables carrying 240VAC (120VAC – 120VAC).

Electrical System

ApplicationMetering and Control
Operating ProfileContinuous Power
Power Output Configuration1000 Watts at 24 VDC
3,000 Watts at 240 VDC (60 Hz)
Power Output SettingConfigurable
2,700 Watts - 6,500 Watts
Fuel SourcePipeline - Natural Gas

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