Success Story

PowerGen Solar Hybrid

The Situation

A pipeline operator was tasked with installing a cathodic protection station in a remote area. Although high voltage utility lines were available nearby, the cost to extend and transform the power for this small station was prohibitive. Due to the challenging weather conditions in this region, an off-grid solar system itself would be costly due to the size of the PV array and large battery bank needed to provide reliable power in the cold, dark winter months. 

The Solution

Qnergy paired a more reasonably sized off-grid solar system with the PowerGen 5650 to increase the reliability and value of the system. Under normal conditions the PV array supplies power through the system’s battery bank. The PowerGen engine sits in standby, monitoring the battery health. In extended durations of poor solar availability, the PowerGen intelligent control system will start the engine and charge the batteries. In cold northern climates, the waste heat of the PowerGen system is harvested to maximize system performance.

The Result

The generator eliminated deep discharge cycles on the battery, preventing accelerated aging. Using fewer batteries that last longer not only saves capital but reduces the environmental waste associated with disposal. With the intelligent control system, the engine only runs when required, optimizing fuel consumption. This system adapts to changing weather conditions ensuring efficient power production, while the maintenance-free engine drives operational savings. 

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