Success Story

Remote Power: Gas Metering Station

Status Quo

After drilling a gas well, natural gas companies utilize many types of instruments to increase gas production. Often, these locations are remote and unmanned making them a prime candidate for automation equipment. However, off-grid locations have suffered from a lack of reliable and sustainable remote power. With increasing automation, comes increasing power demands. Unfortunately, most existing remote power options have many drawbacks including high costs, limited reliability and large environmental footprints.

The Opportunity

Qnergy’s PowerGen utilizes a free piston Stirling engine unlike traditional internal combustion engines that require large amounts of maintenance. Making it the perfect solution for remote gas production sites. The PowerGen has no moving parts and requires no oil changes. Being fully sealed to the external environment the PowerGen operates on unprocessed gas and has a life expectancy of over 80,000 hours of operation.

The Solution

A leading natural gas producer in the Marcellus basin - USA has deployed PowerGen systems at over 100 multi-well pad production sites. By utilizing the PowerGen which outputs more than 5kW of utility grade electricity, the end user has improved production uptime more than 75% while reducing maintenance costs and environmental footprint.

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