Our Distributed Methane Strategy Revealed – Backed by Science

As a leader in distributed or decentralized methane source abatement, Qnergy is committed to progress in global oil and gas sectors. We’re proud to share that we are now able to address the problem of capturing lower concentrations associated with landfill emissions.

Qnergy hosts Utah Congressman at Ogden facility

Leading methane abatement solution provider Qnergy hosted Utah Congressman Blake Moore at its manufacturing facility in Ogden, Utah on June 27. The visit focused on the importance of proven solutions for methane reduction as part of mitigating climate change. With the passing of the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), companies now risk fines for emitting excess methane, and the visit allowed the Congressman to understand how, with the right technology, methane abatement can be cost-effective. As part of the visit, Congressman Moore met with the Qnergy team, toured the facility, and participated in a roundtable discussion.