Qnergy Chosen to present at Colorado Cleantech Industry Association Oil and Gas Cleantech Challenge Conference!

We are proud to announce that we are a chosen company to present at Colorado Cleantech Industries Association Oil and Gas Cleantech Challenge! The Cleantech Challenge asks for companies capable of working on issues related to air (especially methane detection or control), carbon capture utilization and storage, unmanned aerial vehicles, the internet of things/digital oilfield, items to […]

Qnergy Announces CAaaS (Compressed Air as a Service) at Gastech 2020

The new program removes all financial barriers to abating methane emission in pneumatic devices. Carbon offsets make the program profitable for operators.     Calgary, Alberta, September 8th 2020 Qnergy Inc. (www.qnergy.com) the world leading clean energy manufacturer of Stirling Engines, announced a new program: Compressed Air as a Service (CAaaS). The CAaaS program will […]

Qnergy’s Solar Hybrid Solution

Our solar hybrid system leverages the PowerGen Stirling engine to supplement photovoltaic power creating the most reliable off-grid power system. Read more here: https://www.qnergy.com/hybrid-solutions/  

Qnergy Announces PowerGen EXP: Bringing the Reliability of the Stirling Engine to Hazardous Environments

PowerGen EXP brings Qnergy’s unparalleled remote power reliability to onshore and offshore applications that require hazardous operating certifications.  The leading manufacturer of clean and reliable remote power based on the Stirling engine, Qnergy announced the release of PowerGen EXP, the first Stirling engine capable of working in hazardous locations that require ATEX and IECEX certifications.  Supplied in a standard intermodal container, […]

Qnergy Extends Engine Warranty on Compressed Air Systems to Three Years: No Questions Asked

Qnergy outperforms conventional gas generators on reliability, cost of ownership and ESG metrics. The extended warranty is an additional step in streamlining the deployment of the world’s most reliable generator.   Ogden, Utah, July 20th 2020 Qnergy Inc. (www.qnergy.com), the leading manufacturer of clean and reliable remote power in the 500 Watt to 10,000 Watt […]

Qnergy Is Going Offshore!

Qnergy is excited to announce our stainless steel, marine environment PowerGen. Suitable for offshore and nearshore environments. Give us your automation and cathodic protection loads.  We can provide highly reliable power for both AC and DC loads from the same PowerGen. Say farewell to your overpriced, under performing offshore power solutions.  

Qnergy’s CAP3 solution featured in E&P Magazine

Qnergy’s Compressed Air Pneumatics (CAP3) methane emission mitigating skid was featured in the most recent issue of Hart Energy’s E&P Magazine.  Here is what they had to say about Qnergy’s solution to keeping a lid on greenhouse gas emissions In April, the OGCI fund, along with others, pro­vided Qnergy with $10 million in Series B […]

Benchmarking Methane Mitigation Programs by Emission Reduction Ratio

By: Dominic Pituch and Ory Zik On May 12, 2020 Alberta announced it achieved a preliminary methane reduction deal with the federal government. The province has revised the Alberta Energy Regulator’s Directives 060 and 017 to align with the draft equivalency agreement to give the oil and gas industry a single and clear set of […]